Capital Steel Building Photos

The experts at Capital Steel have planned and executed steel building projects ranging from personal one car garages to full-scale manufacturing facilities. Many of the steel building projects presented in the photo galleries below utilized Capital’s local contractor network while some others arranged for construction services on their own. Click to view each gallery to see just a handful of Capital’s success stories throughout America.

Photo Gallery 1

  • Agricultural Building

    Capital Steel Agricultural Buildings

  • Aircraft Hangar

    Capital Steel Aircraft Buildings

  • Church

    Capital Steel Church Buildings

  • Commercial

    Capital Steel Commercial Buildings

  • Government

    Capital Steel Fire Station Buildings

  • Gymnasium

    Capital Steel Gymnasium Buildings

  • Manufacturing

    Capital Steel Manufacturing Buildings

  • Offices

    Capital Steel OfficeBuildings


Photo Gallery 2

  • Recreational Center

    Capital Steel Recreational Buildings

  • Retail Building

    Capital Steel Retail Buildings

  • Riding Arena

    Capital Steel Riding Arena Buildings

  • Schools

    Capital Steel School Buildings

  • Self-Storage Facility

    Capital Steel Self-Storage Buildings

  • Sports Facilities

    Capital Steel Sports Facility Buildings

  • Strip-Malls

    Capital Steel Strip-Mall Buildings

  • Warehouses

    Capital Steel Warehouse Buildings