Become a Capital Authorized Builder

Don’t spend hours online bidding against hundreds of other contractors!  Capital Steel’s builder division is expanding rapidly and availability for general contractors to take advantage of this opportunity is limited!

Capital Steel Dealerships

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L.C. - California GC

Pre-engineered steel buildings are in high demand and my company has benefitted greatly from not only the experience shared by working with Capital Steel but also the number of customers Capital puts myself and my company in front of. For our company the hardest part of acquiring business has always been convincing the customer to let us show them how we can help but with Capital Steel's reputation the customer already knows we are referred because we are one of the best in the customer's area.

T.B. - Idaho GC

When my customers opt to build with steel, I can help them design a structure that meets their needs, often for less than what it would cost to build the same building using traditional construction materials. It also goes up a lot quicker, and that makes my customers pretty happy.

B.D. - California GC

The knowledge base and experience shared by professionals in the Capital Steel network is invaluable.

D.C. - New Jersey GC

I have a lot of years in the site work industry. Being able to offer an additional construction service to my customers can really reduce headaches for them when it’s time to build and it brings a little more business my way.