Steel Sports Facility Buildings

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Hosting a successful sports event in today’s world is much easier with the right facility. As athletes and teams continue to take competitive sports to the next level, the challenges in event management become more demanding. Time and again, local athletic organizations and worldwide sports planning committees bank on the proven value and versatility of pre-engineered and prefabricated metal buildings supplied by Capital Steel Industries.

In keeping with current building trends, many customers and developers are choosing Capital Steel to help them advance to the next bracket in sports entertainment. As a leading player in the industry, Capital Steel offers athletic organizations an affordable way to build quality entertainment arenas. Many customers have enjoyed as much as a 50% savings on construction costs and time investment when compared to similarly sized structures built using traditional construction methods.

As overwhelming as it may seem to build an arena from the ground up, the design of our bolt together, pre-welded, all steel frame allows for ease of construction. Our Capital Steel dealers have considerable expertise and skill in erecting solid, safe and sound pre-engineered metal structures. Due to the experience of our construction teams, your project may be completed sooner than traditional construction. While a qualified team of erectors is completing your building, you are free to conduct business as usual. An efficient construction schedule allows you to calendar events earlier rather than later, which in turn, could help your organization realize an expedient return on investment.

When your team or organization invests in a Capital Steel building, our design experts can help you ensure your arena is built to YOUR custom specifications. We can even provide you with 3-D renderings to share with your investors, board members and the local community. Your venue can be designed to a clear-span width of up to 300 feet and a nearly unlimited length. Pre-engineered steel buildings can also be designed as a multi-span structure, allowing for the width and length you need to meet your specifications. Depending on your requirements, the size of the building can allow your athletic organization to host single or multiple games consecutively and expand as the club grows. The design team can also easily help you subdivide your space, allowing for on-site facilities to include locker rooms, restrooms and vending; your Capital Steel dealer will help you decide the best placement for your windows, doors and any other required accessories.


How Can Capital Steel Help You?

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And of course, what would a sporting event be without fans? Our satisfied customers immediately realize the benefits of clear span construction from the spectator standpoint. Also referred to as open span or free span construction, clear span construction offers an unobstructed view of the event and flexibility in locating the cheering stands for sports enthusiasts.

Efficient climate control is a key consideration for the comfort of players and the spectators. Like conventional construction, metal buildings have particular insulation and ventilation requirements. Your local Capital Steel dealer will design your facility with the proper ventilation requirements in mind, ensuring the comfort of spectators in your arena. Properly insulated, pre-engineered steel buildings have proven to be extremely comfortable and efficient, even in extreme climates. Our Capital Steel dealers are experienced in proper ventilation and insulation techniques, to include the proper placement of insulation, vapor barriers, louvers and vents. Additionally, metal buildings can reduce your heating and cooling costs while providing maximum comfort for athletes and spectators.

The exterior quality of your arena is just as important as the interior. A durable steel structure allows your arena to withstand even some of the harshest weather elements. Our steel buildings are especially strong and resistant to unforgiving weather conditions. Capital Steel adheres to the standards of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) as they pertain to safety and stability. Top-quality 26-gauge steel provides superior protection from exterior environmental conditions while resisting climate extremes and seismic activity. Our standard tensile strength for roofing material is a minimum of 80,000 psi, providing the optimum resistance to dents and impact. Reliable I-Beam construction stabilizes your arena and Capital Steel backs our product with a 50-year structural warranty.

Exterior beauty is also a consideration for our customers. Capital Steel dealers have a unique business relationship with GenStone, an industry leader in custom artificial exteriors. Style is an important consideration for your arena; GenStone offers a durable and affordable way to enhance your metal structure with the look of brick, rock or stone. GenStone exteriors are warranted for 25 years. Additionally, our custom paint and trim colors are backed by a 20-year warranty. With the right exterior design, your arena can be an attractive gathering place for sports fans to enjoy for years to come.

When you work with a Capital Steel dealer, you can be sure you’re getting a quality pre-engineered steel building and the commitment of an industry leader to excellence and distinction. For more information about steel buildings or a free quote, call Capital Steel Industries at 1-800-246-9640.