Steel Airplane Hangar Buildings

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As an aviation industry professional or a private aircraft enthusiast, you have very real concerns about protecting your investment. As an industry leader in pre-engineered steel aircraft hangars, Capital Steel Industries is uniquely positioned to provide you with a safe and secure shelter for your aircraft and equipment that will provide you with peace of mind.

Our steel aircraft buildings can offer maximum use of hangar space by utilizing clear-span construction methods. This approach eliminates the need for interior support columns while maintaining structural integrity, providing space for your aircraft up to 300 feet in width. Your building length is customized to your specific requirements for both width and tail height clearance. A pre-engineered steel hangar from Capital Steel can house your Cessna two-seater or accommodate the wingspan of the aviation industry’s largest wide-body planes.

While evaluating your precise needs, are you allowing for future expansion possibilities? Perhaps you plan to incorporate an office area or service bays into your hangar space? If you are considering a traditional rectangle hangar, nested T-hangars or even a combination of both, Capital Steel can help you design and construct your custom metal aircraft hangar while taking your current and future requirements into account. When the time is at hand to expand your operation, our designers can help you craft the perfect building to best suit your expectations.

Capital Steel realizes timing in the aviation industry is as critical a factor on the ground as it is in the air. Pre-engineered metal structures are an ideal choice for those challenged by a short construction timeline. Precision manufacturing at the factory allows for ease of construction when your building arrives at the project site. Precut, predrilled and pre-welded components simply bolt together according to your custom designed plans and our expert erector teams will construct your building, thus allowing you the freedom to attend your day-to-day business obligations.

When you partner with Capital Steel, you can be sure your project design is structurally sound. Your building plans will be reviewed and stamped by qualified engineers before they are shipped to you. Buildings are pre-engineered at the factory in a controlled environment with your local building codes incorporated in the plan design. We’re happy to assist you with the requirements of large size hangar doors specific to the aviation industry. It’s easy to integrate bi-fold, bi-parting or stacking doors in your steel building design.


How Can Capital Steel Help You?

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At Capital Steel, we see the value in form as well as function. A building constructed of premium, 26-gauge steel by any one of our nationwide dealers has minimal maintenance requirements. Just as importantly, we stand behind a 50-year warranty on the structural components in each one of our pre-engineered metal buildings.

While your custom designed steel hangar is practical and durable, we also offer a variety of visually pleasing paint colors and trim styles to suit your aesthetic needs. You can rely on the distinctive look of your custom exterior finish to last; we provide custom paint exteriors with a 40-year warranty. You can count on the quality, versatility and durability of your hangar from Capital Steel for years to come.

When you choose Capital Steel as your building partner, you can be confident in the quality and value of your pre-engineered metal building. We’re committed to helping you invest wisely and profitably. For more information about steel buildings or a free quote, call Capital Steel Industries at 1-800-246-9640.