Steel Building Trim

Trim fulfills two important roles for your Capital Steel building. It protects critical transition areas – the spots where components are joined together – from the elements, and it also has an aesthetic function, as it provides the final touches necessary to give your steel building a finished, professional appearance.

While both roles are important, protection from the elements is essential. If water enters the structure, it has the potential to damage the contents of the building. If the building is insulated, water can render the insulation less effective. If small gaps at transition points aren’t properly sealed, air may enter the building, which raises heating and cooling costs. A tight seal is critical for protecting the building and ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

At Capital Steel, we offer a comprehensive trim package, including eave and rake trim. Eave trim is employed at the point where the sidewalls meet the roof, while rake trim joins the end walls to the roof. We tailor the trim to match the specific dimensions of your steel building, and we fold back the edges to create a smooth finish. Hemmed edges are preferable to the straight edges offered by some steel building companies, as the sharp edges are prone to rust and may present a safety hazard.

Capital Steel is an industry leader when it comes to quality and service. Our premium-quality trim packages are precision engineered to exacting standards to guarantee a secure fit and many years of exceptional service. In contrast, some companies supply trim packages that are of inferior quality. These substandard one-size-fits-all packages must be modified at the job site, delaying construction and increasing labor costs. They may also fit improperly, which mars the appearance of the building and causes poor performance.

We also offer jamb flashing to cover the framed openings that surround windows and doors. While jamb flashing – which is also known as head flashing – does offer a small measure of protection, its use is mainly decorative. Applying jamb flashing is an effective and inexpensive way to enhance the appearance of your custom-designed steel building.

All of our steel building trim elements are available in colors that match our premium-quality components. For your convenience, Capital Steel provides a complete package that can satisfy a wide range of safety and aesthetic requirements.


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