Steel Government Buildings

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Government and local municipalities provide community with public services and demand is growing. When the time comes for city managers to consider breaking ground on municipal projects like new police stations, firehouses, libraries and utilities administration offices, expectations are often high but funds are not. Your community’s allocated project funds can go the distance by partnering with Capital Steel Industries.

City planners are choosing to build pre-engineered steel buildings for several compelling reasons. These decision-making factors include affordability, convenience, energy efficiency, durability and aesthetics.


The affordability of Capital Steel pre-engineered steel structures make them stand out as an economical choice for new construction in your community. Understandably, your city’s governing body has a fixed amount of money allocated to your project. By clearly understanding your design requirements, your Capital Steel dealer will help you design a building that can meet your space requirements while staying within the parameters of your city’s budget.

When governments build with steel it is a cost-effective choice when compared to constructing a similarly sized structure using traditional building materials. Because building components are pre-engineered to exact specifications in a factory-controlled environment, the scrap waste on the project site can nearly be eliminated. These practices produce a fraction of the scrap and waste as compared to traditional building materials and methods, thus avoiding any additional burdens upon your city’s waste management division.

Economy of design and clearly annotated construction plans make it easier for your Capital Steel dealer to erect your building in a timely fashion. Our sturdy, uniform bolt-together pre-engineering methods facilitate ease of construction on site.

The combined benefit of these factors may significantly reduce the costs of construction time, labor and materials and make it possible for your department to move into the new location sooner rather than later.


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Retrofitting previously constructed buildings can be very expensive. The costs associated with updating antiquated heating systems and insulation or shoring up older structures to meet new building codes can be prohibitive and, at times, exceeding the price of new construction. New Capital Steel pre-engineered steel buildings are designed to meet or exceed your local building codes. They’re also especially easy to insulate properly, which can improve heating and cooling efficiency.


The demands upon your public service departments will increase as your population expands, and so will the demands upon your time. When you choose to partner with Capital Steel, the potential for savings of time and money can be sizeable. A Capital Steel dealer can provide a completely “turn-key” solution for your project, managing the construction process from start to finish. This can help you contribute more time, money and energy to the daily business of city management.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are designed with your future requirements in mind. Making improvements upon existing architecture can be costly and time consuming. In contrast, your custom designed steel building can expand with minimal inconvenience as your requirements change. For instance, the intended use of the new building may call for lots of unobstructed, usable floor space. By taking advantage of rigid, clear-span construction methods, you can design a sturdy, well-built structure up to 300 feet in width while completely eliminating the need for interior columns. You also have the option of partitioning your interior space to meet your department’s requirements.

Consider the requirements of your public safety divisions. When the time comes to add bays to your fire station, the design of a pre-engineered steel building can allow for those bays to be added on quickly and economically. It may also be wise to incorporate partitioned space for a radio room, duty quarters or an all-purpose room into your design. No matter what the design and structural requirements, a Capital Steel dealer is an experienced construction professional and will work with your city building and planning departments to ensure your new building meets your specifications.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Building a new library or municipal offices using pre-engineered construction materials and methods can offer your municipality the opportunity to conserve precious resources and demonstrate your dedication to being a “green” leader in the community—with no change to your design requirements.

Your commitment to sustainability is implicit in your commitment to build with steel. The Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) identifies steel as a highly desirable, highly recyclable and highly sustainable building material. The SRI reveals that approximately 60 percent of the world’s total recycled steel is derived from construction and demolition waste in North America alone. When you erect a building with pre-engineered steel components, you can reduce and reuse while diminishing the effects new construction can have on the environment and natural resources.

Economy of design is a hallmark of Capital Steel metal buildings. Building with steel can reduce the amount of scrap created at the erection site by as much as 90 percent as compared to traditional wood construction. A considerable part of our pre-engineering process includes cutting components to size, pre-welding, pre-punching and pre-drilling structural assembly points in a controlled, factory environment. Additionally, we identify and pre-ink each component with its corresponding position in the construction plans. This kind of attention to detail helps eliminate an inordinate amount of guesswork and errors in field cutting at the erection site, reducing both the amount of waste created in the construction process and the impact upon the environment.

Insulating your building properly during the construction process is fundamental to promoting energy efficiency and safeguarding your building from the effects of weather in your area. When combined with the proper ventilation and vapor barrier, insulation can provide a comfortable and thermally efficient environment for city personnel and equipment. Different types and thickness of insulation have variable qualities and as you might expect, the insulation requirements of a building in the upper mid-western United States are inherently different from those of a building in the extreme southwest. A Capital Steel pre-engineered steel building dealer can help you determine what kind of insulation will best suit the design and function of your community’s new building.

You can have peace of mind when you chose to erect a custom-designed, pre-engineered metal building. A durable, side lap configuration is organic to the tight structural design of your roof and exterior walls. Pre-punched and pre-drilled building components can enhance the strength and weather resistance of your municipal building by virtue of their uniformity and the consistency of design. These same tight, overlapping seals inhibit wind and water infiltration, eliminating gaps in seams further enhancing the energy efficiency of your metal building and your commitment to environmental sustainability.

Durability and Maintenance

Structural stability is paramount in any building design project. Rigid, I-Beam construction and heavy-duty steel promote strength and durability. Capital Steel metal buildings are non-combustible and pest-resistant and our commercial grade, high tensile strength steel is tough and resistant to dings and dents. Our paint is especially resistant to fading, cracking and peeling. Everyday maintenance on metal buildings is minimal, which can help reduce the costs of building maintenance over time. Capital Steel is an industry leader and we stand behind the strength and durability of our buildings. In fact, our steel buildings have a 50-year structural warranty and a 40-year warranty on paint.


The exterior design of metal buildings has come a long way in recent years. Now, your building and design committee can finish out your new building in a pleasing, eye-catching way. Custom paint colors, exterior architectural enhancements and simulated stone, rock or brick components can add dimension and beauty at a substantial cost savings when compared with alternative materials. You can easily design your building to blend in with existing city architecture and color palettes in your commercial or residential districts. Incorporating visually pleasing colors and design elements is easy and affordable.

Capital Steel is committed to affordability, quality and excellence. By partnering with Capital Steel Industries, your community can benefit from a structurally sound, durable building that will retain its beauty in years to come. For more information about building with steel or a free quote, call us at 1-800-246-9640.