Steel Manufacturing Buildings

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Manufacturing facilities require expedience, flexibility and growth because it is fundamental to the success of your company. As you prepare to expand your organization, you look for lower construction costs. The ability to modify your facilities as necessary and savings in operational and maintenance costs can add substantial, long-term gains to your bottom line. By using a pre-engineered steel building from Capital Steel Industries to accommodate your operation, you may realize immediate and considerable savings now and in the future.

Maximum production efficiency combined with a decrease in operating and facility costs per square foot can augment your budget significantly. When you partner with Capital Steel to custom design a pre-engineered metal building for your operation, the first advantage you may realize is an immediate savings in your facility construction costs. Building with steel has the potential to reduce the cost of your project up to 50% when compared to the use of traditional building materials for a similarly sized structure.

Our buildings are tough. They can handle the rigors of any manufacturing process and can provide added security for your equipment and machinery. Quality is paramount at Capital Steel and as such, we insist upon using only top-quality, domestically produced steel to produce your building components. We feature sturdy I-Beam construction and we manufacture our pre-engineered steel buildings with solid, commercial-grade 26-gauge steel in a controlled environment. We are tremendously confident about the superiority and resiliency of our products. One hundred percent of our steel is made in the USA and each building from Capital Steel is backed by our 50-year structural warranty.

Naturally, sales drive production in your industry; your manufacturing schedule is a key factor in the profitability of your business. All of the components for your new production facility are precut, pre-drilled and pre-welded at the factory prior to delivery to your project site. Our certified engineers incorporate these pre-engineered features into your building design to facilitate a speedy construction timeline on your site. All project drawings and Anchor Bolt Plans are reviewed by engineers to ensure building code compliance in your locality and ease of construction. Because your Capital Steel dealer can erect your new facility in an efficient and streamlined fashion, you may even be able to accelerate your production schedule and generate more revenue sooner.


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There may be times you will need to maximize floor space in innovative ways to meet your customers’ demands. A critical factor in accomplishing quick and successful changeovers is the ability to optimize the footprint of your production line on the manufacturing floor. Clear-span construction in your facility design can help you eliminate the need for interior support columns up to a width of 300 feet, freeing up valuable square footage and augmenting layout flexibility. Also referred to as free-span or wide-span construction, the flexibility clear-span provides can also help you integrate unobstructed forklift and foot traffic patterns into your building design.

As your revenues increase and your company grows, the time will come to expand your operations. With a little imagination and the right components, the possibilities for expansion are unlimited. By design, your pre-engineered steel building can easily adapt to your new space requirements. Expandability is an integral part of the engineering process in each and every customized Capital Steel building design. You may need to add warehouse space, a front office and lobby area, or maybe even conference rooms. As the demands for additional square footage increase, your metal building can be modified to accommodate your needs. A removable, reusable end wall is incorporated into our metal building designs. Ample eave heights can also provide adequate clearance for your tallest equipment and give you additional room for raw material and product storage. Your Capital Steel dealer will partner with you to design a building that grows along with your company.

When you build with Capital Steel, you may also see a decrease in insurance premiums and recurrent building maintenance costs as compared to similarly sized structures assembled with conventional materials. Pre-engineered Galvalume© wall and roof panels are non-combustible, fire- and corrosion-resistant and require little regular maintenance.

Manufacturing facilities pre-engineered by Capital Steel combine economy and beauty of design. Capital Steel offers you an unlimited choice of interior and exterior custom color finishes. You may even choose to add visual appeal to your exterior with the look and texture of GenStone custom accessories. GenStone simulated rock, stone and brick trim packages are low maintenance, waterproof and impact resistant. Effortlessly marrying practicality and style, GenStone exteriors can increase the curb appeal of your facility without sacrificing functionality.

Pre-engineered metal buildings from Capital Steel provide manufacturers and developers with economical designs, durable facilities, and flexible expansion options. For more information about steel buildings or a Manufacturing Building free quote, call Capital Steel Industries at 1-800-246-9640.