Steel Riding Arena Buildings

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Steel riding areas, a preferred choice of equestrian professionals and horse trainers investing in the care and performance of their horses. Capital Steel Industries is a leader in prefabricated indoor and outdoor riding arenas, because of our custom and reliable designs.

Owners take a great interest in providing a sturdy and safe arena for horses and equestrians. Building a premium quality steel indoor riding arena can be a very affordable option for horse owners. By partnering with Capital Steel, the potential for savings on construction costs is remarkable. It’s possible to build a pre-engineered steel arena at a fraction of the cost of a similarly sized arena constructed with conventional materials. By building with steel, you can save money that can otherwise be invested in other service for your customers.

The strength and reliability of Capital Steel riding arenas is beyond compare. The non-combustible qualities of steel make it a great alternative to building with wood. When you build a pre-engineered steel riding arena, you can enjoy greater peace of mind about the safety and security of your horses and riders. When you combine the benefits of rigid, I-Beam construction and heavy 26-gauge steel with a clear span construction design, the need for interior supports in an arena up to 91 meters (300 feet) wide can be completely eliminated. Also referred to as wide span construction, incorporating this style of pre-engineering in your plans can and provide riders with a safe, unobstructed place to practice and perform while maximizing the amount of available riding space.

The flexibility and expandability of a steel riding arena provide you with nearly unlimited options to meet your individual space requirements. When you incorporate clear span construction into your arena design, you can place several show areas in the same building. For instance, a metal building 90 meters wide and 40 meters long can encompass four standard multi-purpose arenas side-by-side. Using the same dimensions, a building of the same size can comfortably include one standard size arena and one standard dressage arena. Perhaps you require a large indoor competition arena with spectator seating? Maybe you require a small indoor training facility with outdoor stables at this time? If you live in a warmer climate, it’s possible that an open, covered arena with plenty of overhang for shade will satisfy your requirements. Your Capital Steel dealer can partner with you to help make your concept a reality.


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Pre-engineered steel riding arenas have an additional advantage over arenas built with conventional materials like wood and masonry. By building with components that are pre-cut, pre-welded, and pre-drilled with precision in a controlled factory environment, nearly all field cutting is eliminated at your construction site. This economy of design can translate as a cost savings for you.

An attractive exterior can easily enhance the innate practicality of a steel arena. A beautiful riding arena from Capital Steel can showcase your horses and riders in a spectacular way. Panels and trim are available in custom colors, making it easier for you to coordinate the color of your arena with existing architecture. You can even add the realistic look of brick, rock or stone to your building with GenStone exterior panels.

Your Capital Steel authorized builder can help you design and construct an arena to meet or exceed the standards required by your equestrian events while staying within your budget.

When you partner with a Capital Steel dealer, you can benefit from the expertise and knowledge of a nationally recognized industry leader and the convenience and personal service of a local representative. For more information about pre-engineered indoor or outdoor riding arenas, or a riding arena free quote, call Capital Steel Industries at 1-800-246-9640.