Steel Strip-Mall Buildings

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Strip malls involve investors, developers and entrepreneurs that all have a vested interest in initial investment costs versus projected revenue. A pre-engineered steel building from Capital Steel Industries offers you a fiscally viable option for your strip mall construction project.

Building with steel offers investors a way to construct a quality, commercial-grade retail center and capitalize on the savings and convenience associated with pre-engineered steel buildings. The built-in features of Capital Steel metal buildings make them an extremely popular choice for strip mall development. In fact, choosing to build with steel can help you realize a savings of up to 50 percent over a traditionally constructed retail center of similar size. Our pre-cut, pre-welded, pre-punched buildings are manufactured in a controlled, factory environment to your exact specifications and space requirements.

This pre-engineering process can allow for a significant reduction in the time it takes your Capital Steel dealer to erect the building on your parcel. As a result, your overall construction time can be accelerated, which can cut costs associated with labor costs and material. This can allow you to lease your selling spaces sooner and benefit from a quicker return on investment.

As you develop your strip mall, you want to be sure your investment is built to last. Pre-engineered metal buildings from Capital Steel are strong and durable. For instance, engineering your building using a single slope, clear-span design and rigid, I-Beam construction allows for easy expansion and reconfiguration of your space while maintaining structural integrity. Its strength and versatility makes I-Beam construction a practical choice and as an industry leader, Capital Steel proudly backs it with a 50-year structural warranty.

It’s critical that your building is strong and stable from the rafters to the floor line. Some builders choose to use 29-gauge steel, which is considerably inferior in quality and durability when compared to our tough, American made, 26-gauge steel. Structural integrity is of the utmost importance and as such, we engineer our roofs using only impact resistant 80,000 psi steel.

As opposed to building with traditional materials, the savings you enjoy when you choose to build with steel may provide you with a little more elbow room in your exterior design budget.


How Can Capital Steel Help You?

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Applying these savings to your exterior design plans can pay big dividends. An attractive storefront can increase customer traffic. By designing a visually pleasing building, you may attract tenants who are willing to pay premium rates per square foot for retail space. The ways in which Capital Steel can help you add character to your storefront are virtually unlimited. Incorporating a deluxe architectural trim package or a custom color palette can draw attention to your shops and set you apart from your competitors. Alternatively, if you are obligated by a neighborhood covenant, your Capital Steel dealer can help you design an attractive retail center that blends harmoniously with existing residential and commercial architecture. Adding a mansard or a parapet can enhance the look of your retail space and may help increase your visibility. You may also consider incorporating GenStone exterior features into your design. GenStone offers the beautiful look of stone, rock and brick at a fraction of the cost of natural materials. No matter how simple or complex your vision, we can help you customize your exterior look while staying within your budget.

An integral part of your design should be energy efficiency and comfort. Heating and cooling expenses can make a significant impact upon your overhead. Properly insulated buildings promote energy efficiency and Capital Steel pre-engineered buildings are no exception. By design, our metal buildings are easy to insulate. All seams are double-taped at the eave struts for ease of installation. Like the metal components of your building, insulation products and vapor barriers can be cut-to-length at the factory, eliminating the hassle of measuring and cutting on your construction site. To meet the comfort requirements of even the coldest geographic regions, we offer insulation materials of various thickness and density. Your Capital Steel dealer can help you determine which type of insulation will provide optimum levels of efficiency and comfort in your custom-designed metal building.

In addition to its strength and dependability, steel buildings are recognized for their non-combustibility and resistance to fire, termites and deterioration. Oversize fasteners and neoprene washers are designed to provide weather-tight seams and prohibit water leakage. These factors combined may increase your eligibility for a reduction in insurance premiums, which could further reduce your operating costs.

When you build with Capital Steel, you will receive Engineer Stamped Project Drawings, Anchor Bolt Plans, and construction plans. Our pre-engineered metal buildings meet or exceed your local building codes and your Capital Steel dealer will ensure all stages of the construction process are coordinated and managed properly. This kind of turn-key service allows you to concentrate on marketing your selling space to potential tenants and building excitement about your investment within the community.

Capital Steel offers you a way to design and build a quality pre-engineered steel building that meets your specifications, budget and timeline. For more information about steel buildings or a free quote, call Capital Steel Industries at 1-800-246-9640.