Steel Warehouse Buildings

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Warehouse and distribution center operators have unique requirements for storage, shipping and receiving activities. Capital Steel Industries wants to help you design a pre-engineered steel distribution facility that can help you protect your inventory and provide you with the optimal amount of square footage your company requires.

Capital Steel pre-engineered, commercial-grade metal buildings remain a popular choice for new construction among warehouse owners and operators due to their affordability, durability and expandability. Investing in a steel building can save your company up to 50 percent on construction costs as compared to a similarly sized building built with traditional wood and masonry materials. Steel is intrinsically stronger than wood and, when properly designed, steel buildings can be expanded upon more easily than brick or masonry.

Our tough, 26-gauge, high tensile strength steel structures meet the exacting certification standards of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO). This means your warehouse can be engineered to withstand the rigors of commercial and industrial use. Additionally, we insist upon building with only the highest grade, US-made steel. The quality and durability of pre-engineered steel construction is unmatched and we offer a 50-year structural warranty on our Class-A industrial metal buildings.

Your Capital Steel dealer can help you engineer a building to your company’s specifications while adhering to your local building codes and use ratings.

By integrating clear span or wide span construction in your design, your distribution center can be built with open space up to 300 feet in width and nearly unlimited eave height. Some companies use alternate truss and support beam designs, which often make it difficult to effectively use and access overhead space.

We utilize I-Beam construction exclusively in our engineering, which can allow your forklift drivers and equipment operators to easily negotiate all available floor and cubic space. Additionally, your Capital Steel dealer can help you customize your building plans, incorporating the proper door and eave heights to accommodate your loading dock activity.


How Can Capital Steel Help You?

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The building erection phase of your metal building construction or expansion project can be extremely swift. Our pre-engineered metal building erection process features the installation of pre-welded, pre-punched and pre-drilled components. Engineer Stamped Certified Drawings, Anchor Bolt Patterns and construction plans are reviewed before any building erection activities begin, ensuring your warehouse is well built and solid. Each metal building component is pre-inked with a unique identifying key that corresponds with its function and placement in the design plans, making it easy for the dealer to bolt your facility together soundly, securely and quickly. This kind of uniform construction also allows for easy expansion if your business and demands for space increase in the future.

An advantage to building with steel is its inherent non-combustibility. This in and of itself may lower your insurance premiums while providing you with peace of mind about storing your product and raw materials securely. Additionally, steel is not susceptible to insect and vermin infestation problems commonly associated with wood construction. Steel is extremely resistant to nearly all weather conditions and your Capital Steel dealer will help determine the building codes as they apply to wind speeds and snow load in your geographic area. Because we build with quality and endurance in mind, a Capital Steel metal warehouse often requires very little routine maintenance to preserve its durability and weather resistant qualities.

Consider the exterior elements of your building as well. When you build with steel, you can enhance the exterior appearance and texture of your warehouse with custom paint colors and artificial rock, brick and stone surfaces. You can also give your exterior a unique appearance by including glass windows and mansards in your building plans. The design possibilities are limited only by your requirements and imagination.

Capital Steel offers you a way to design and build a quality pre-engineered warehouse or distribution facility that meets the specifications unique to your business. For more information about pre-engineered metal industrial buildings, or a free warehouse building quote, call Capital Steel Industries at 1-800-246-9640.