As Pastor I have been shepherding the flock at First Christian Church since 1994. With nearly 10 percent of the local population attending Sunday services regularly, the need for a larger church had been obvious for quite some time. As our ministry grew and nearly 200 people regularly attended each of the two Sunday services, we literally couldn’t fit any more people in the old church building. Now we comfortably seat about 700 congregants at Sunday services and our plans still include room for expansion. Since the expansion with our new steel building, attendance has almost doubled since holding the first service in the new church building. We didn’t build a huge church just for the sake of it our mission keeps us looking outward. If we are to accomplish what we feel God wants us to do, we determined that we would simply need more space.
T. Nelson
In addition to ample sanctuary space, our plans included office space, a large nursery and a welcoming foyer. A 5,600 square foot multipurpose area and space for a fully appointed commercial kitchen are located in the southern wing of the church, and the old worship building is now used for youth classes and meetings. When people come into our church, they always say, There’s a sanctuary and a gym in here? It doesn’t look that big from the street! Thanks to Capital Steel our project was easy and overseen by dedicated professionals.
Pastor Mitchell
Aside from the functional requirements, the goal was to create an inviting and comfortable place to gather. According to the Pastor, when people step inside, “they don’t even realize it’s a steel building.” Many churches are choosing to build with steel, which is a sound choice. But sometimes the interior is very utilitarian. Not ours! We envisioned a church that gives people the feeling they are walking into a backyard barbeque in the spring. When our church partnered with Capital Steel Industries, the church’s structural design more than met Sandpoint’s local building codes and the construction schedule was planned around the region’s snowy winters. Needless to say the project was a success thanks to the guidance of Capital Steel Industries.
J. Phillips
We are extremely pleased in our lasting relationship with Capital Steel and the building we received.
M. Tiller
Many people come in and say it’s the prettiest and most functional church they’ve ever seen.
Elder Elson