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Buying a building is a big decision and we believe you should be able to meet with a professional in person. Our team will use your zip code to connect you with your local Capital Steel building dealer who along with your Project Manager will help you navigate your project from inception through the completion of construction.

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Your project will be assigned to a Project Manager at Capital Steel who will facilitate the initial estimate and align you with one of our local contractors according to your needs. You will receive your quote within 24 hours or less (Monday - Friday).


Below are answers to our most frequently asked pricing questions. If you do not find the answer you’re looking for, the Project Manager we assign to your project will gladly answer any questions you may have.

How does my location affect pricing?
Where you are building can affect pricing in two ways. First, your Capital Steel building will be engineered with your local codes and loads in mind. So, if you're building in Miami, your building will need higher wind loads than a building built away from the coast. Higher loads will always increase the building's price. Second, the cost of concrete and erecting the building can vary by location due to unionized labor as well as demand for construction services in your area. Both unions and high demand can cause the cost of construction to rise.
What if I need construction services?
If you need an erector, concrete pro or even turnkey construction services, request a quote for the building system you are interested in. Next, we will assign a Project Manager to your project who will review your quote with you in detail over the phone. Let your Project Manager know what services you would like an estimate on during this initial phone call and we will adjust the quote accordingly.
How does roof pitch affect the price?
It's a common misconception that a higher roof pitch is necessary in areas with high snow loads, but a 1:12 roof can be engineered to withstand just about any snow load. The advantage of a higher roof pitch in snowy areas is that the snow will often slide off the roof on its own. The price of your building will increase as you increase the roof pitch, so you have to decide if the aesthetic or functionality of a higher pitched roof is worth the extra investment. We recommend a 1:12 roof pitch for most projects to open up more room in the budget for vital additions such as insulation.
Does the building type affect the price?
Initially no, the building type you choose during the quoting process will not change the price. We ask because your intended use for the building will likely determine which customization options you will need. For example, an auto shop will require more openings and sectional doors than a personal garage. Or a warehouse may need to be loaded for an overhead crane. All of these considerations can affect the final price of your building and it is our goal to give you an accurate building quote.
When do I choose my customization options?
You will work with your Project Manager or local Capital Steel dealer to add things like doors, windows and insulation. You can purchase the components through Capital Steel or we can provide the framed opens only allowing you to shop your doors and windows out locally.
Does the color of my building increase the price?
Your personal color combination will only increase the price if you decide to color the roof. Most Capital Steel customers stick with the standard Galvalume roof since it's unlikely anyone will see it. Galvalume is a silver color, but you may want to color the roof to match the buildings walls or trim if it will be visible or if you are going to choose a higher roof pitch.
How does the current price of steel affect my quote?
Being a commodity, steel prices can be volatile. Your building quote will be based on the current price of steel similar to the price you pay at the pump being directly affected by the price of oil. The best way to avoid any potential increases is to listen to the advice of a Capital Steel Building Expert and pursue your project before the next increase.
Does Capital Steel markup concrete and erection prices?
No! Our local dealers and contractors are free to charge what is negotiated with the customer. We will however make recommendations to our contractor network during ongoing training to ensure prices for construction services throughout the Capital Steel builder network remains competitive.
What are my options when it comes to concrete?
Your building can be anchored to piers only or a full concrete slab. If you're budget is tight, we recommend piers only for starters and fill in the rest of the space with gravel if necessary. You can always fill in the space with a slab at a later date.
Does an open wall building cost more?
There are two ways an open wall building can cost more than a fully enclosed building system. First, the roof will need to be engineered to endure wind putting uplift stress on the building as the walls would normally deflect this element. So if you live in an area with high wind speeds, yes an open wall building can cost more. Secondly, if you choose to fill in the wall voids with a concrete block wall, the block construction will usually cost more than enclosing the building with the typical 26 gauge wall panels.


We’ve broken down some of the most complex steel building pricing topics into easy to digest infographics. From the current steel pricing forecast to standard building features, enjoy these visual discussions.