Are Cannabis Cultivation Buildings Growing and Why?

The cannabis industry is creating opportunities


The cannabis industry is skyrocketing here in the US. ‘Greentrepreneurs’ are making money hand-over-fist, and they’re using high-quality, easy-to-maintain steel buildings to do it. It’s clear that the market for cannabis is only growing, and as such, more and more cannabis investors are looking to steel as their construction material of choice for new cultivation and harvesting facilities.

All of this activity is creating a huge opportunity for contractors to cash in on new steel building construction. Have you broken into this burgeoning market yet?

A Lot of Green in Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

With as many US states that are making a move to full legalization of cannabis, it’s no surprise that cultivation in our nation has taken off.

The money behind cannabis can no longer be ignored, as some projections suggest that the cannabis market in North America is likely to exceed $47 billion by the year 2024.

As the market continues to flourish, the need for cannabis cultivation facilities is projected to rise as well. This presents a fantastic opportunity for contractors in this industry.

Cannabis Facilities

Customizable Configurations Are Perfect For Cannabis Developers

Cannabis cultivation developers are laser-focused on the profit motive. Every single expense—especially those related to the costs of constructing a new cannabis grow facility—is scrutinized and pared down to its bare minimum.

Because steel buildings provide exceptional environmental resistance as well as fully customizable configurations, they are often a fantastic solution for cannabis growers. To make the best use of all available space, it’s not uncommon for some growers to ‘double-deck’ their floorplans, building two layers of grow space.

cannabis grow facility from capital steel

Building Quality Matters for Agricultural Steel Structures

Growing cannabis requires space in and of itself. Harvesting it, trimming it, and packaging it for wholesale requires even more space. Because of this, the average square footage for a commercial-scale indoor cannabis cultivation facility can be quite large.

When a prospective cannabis cultivator is evaluating the available options for steel buildings, the subject of building quality will inevitably enter into the conversation.

There may be some money to be saved in using foreign-manufactured steel for such buildings, but there will almost always be quality issues later on down the line. What’s more, selecting a building contractor that doesn’t have an existing pedigree or who doesn’t employ stringent quality control measures is setting the entire enterprise up for failure.

CSI cannabis grow facility

Issues with inferior steel buildings can result in numerous headaches for cannabis growers, including:

  • Compromised structural foundations
  • Building features that are not up-to-code
  • Inability to integrate cannabis cultivation infrastructure (lighting fixtures, processing equipment, etc.)
  • A final building that doesn’t reflect the initial floor plan

Moreover, choosing a fly-by-night contractor to build a cannabis grow facility can result in big-time challenges if and when a warranty claim needs to be made.

Capital Steel Clear Span Metal Warehouse Building

Capital Steel Industries—A Perfect Fit for Cannabis Cultivation

At Capital Steel Industries, we make it our mission every day to provide our customers with use-specific, tailored steel buildings that make the grade.

Our network of contractors are thoroughly vetted for excellence in the industry. We train all of our partners on steel building construction best practices, and we stand behind every building we construct with industry-leading warranties.

Capital Steel Industrial Building

If your organization is in the market for a new steel building for a cannabis cultivation project, contact us today. We will connect you with a qualified, certified steel building contractor that is local to you and available to break ground on your building in just a few weeks.