Here's Why a Single-Slope Steel Pavilion is Perfect for Music Venues

When people think of prefabricated steel buildings, they often think of large, box-shaped structures that have metal siding, roofs, and interior walls.

But, there are some creative uses of steel that directly meet the needs of less common but still very useful purposes. One of these is music venues.

From California to Vermont, places like city parks, open-air amphitheaters, and other similar areas are being outfitted with single-slope steel pavilions erected for the sole purpose of providing essential shelter for musical performances, orations, public speaking events, and more.

So, why is this particular steel building format being chosen for these purposes? Why not opt for traditional, wood-framed buildings instead?

There are three main reasons why a single-slope steel pavilion is perfect for music venues. They are acoustic properties, enhanced design flexibility, and elemental resilience.

Let’s explore each of these.

music pavilion 2

When a single-slope steel pavilion is being designed for use as a partial shelter for musical performances, its slope is intentionally angled such that any sound generated beneath it is forced forward into the crowd. This kind of acoustical projection acts as a kind of natural amplifier, but without needing the extra power or more speaker cabinets.

And, due to the relatively smooth surface of 24- or 26-gauge steel sheeting, sound has an easy time being reflected out into the area where it is meant to be projected.

In contrast, a flat-roofed structure or one that included walls wouldn’t do half as good of a job at enhancing acoustics. So, for parks, outdoor concerts, and other public use areas, a single-slope steel pavilion is the perfect ‘sound enhancer’.

The second reason why a single-slope steel building is such a great solution for music venues is because it can be built to more exacting specifications.

Due to the inherent strength that steel provides, a steel pavilion can be built with a supportless interior span of more than 100 feet. And, because these types of buildings often need to have higher ceiling clearances than others, steel fits the bill even better. There are not constraints to height, width, or length like you’d find when using a wood-framed structure.

As long as there is a solid concrete or asphalt base onto which the pavilion can be built, the design options are much more varied, and they accommodate more building geometries as a result.

Elemental Resilience

Not all outdoor music venues are constantly maintained by a staff of paid workers whose job it is to keep the structure in good shape.

One of the many benefits of having a single-slope steel pavilion is the complete lack of maintenance it requires to perform its function.

And, when a high-quality steel supplier like General Steel is selected as the vendor of the building, the customer enjoys industry-leading warranties that stand the test of time. The most impressive of these is the 50-year structural warranty that protects against any manufacturing defects that affect the primary structural components of the pavilion.

music pavilion 3

Add to this the paint and roof warranties, and you get a steel building solution that lasts.

Furthermore, no other building materials does as good a job at standing up to the elements as treated steel does. So, for outdoor music venues that are expected to withstand season after season of heavy rains, wind, and extreme UV exposure, a single-slope steel pavilion truly is the optimal choice.

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