Prevent Metal Building Rust in Humid Areas: How GenStone Can Help

There is one property of steel that is undeniable: it rusts.

Over time, even the best-built and most protected steel structures can be made vulnerable to the damage and destruction that rust brings.

This is especially the case in more humid environments where steel buildings often require ongoing maintenance to ensure that their structural integrity is maintained in the face of the constant threat of rust.

Add to this the ubiquitous use of sodium chloride to de-ice roadways and, well, steel buildings wind up needing more protection than property owners might think.

Thankfully, there are some cost-effective and easy ways to use certain siding materials that not only work to prevent rust on steel buildings; they also look great, too! One such solution is GenStone, a faux stone or faux brick exterior siding option that offers outstanding protection from all of the elements, including rust!

What Is GenStone?

GenStone is a brand of high-quality, ultra-durable faux stone and faux brick siding material that helps steel buildings stand up exceptionally well against rust. GenStone is created using high-density polyurethane foam in an injection mold.

After the initial panels are manufactured, they’re shipped to the United States where they receive painting and finishing by hand before being distributed to hardware stores and contracting companies throughout the country.

Because of the inherently waterproof qualities of polyurethane, faux stone or brick panels offer superior protection from water. And, as you probably already know, moisture is a necessary ingredient for the development of rust on steel buildings. Installation is very easy, too!

Image showing the durable brick veneer product from GenStone.

3 Fundamental Steps to Install GenStone Faux Stone or Brick Panels On a Steel Building

1. Prepare the metal sheeting for installation by affixing horizontal wood anchoring strips. These will be permanently screwed onto the exterior sides of the building, up to a four or five foot wainscotting height.

2. Starting with a lower corner, install the faux stone panels using industrial-grade adhesive and non-corrosive metal screws. To ensure a watertight installation, ensure that the shiplap edges of the faux stone overlap.

3. Complete the project with trim or ledger pieces installed along the upper surface of the wainscot. When installed correctly, this installation will create a ‘dry zone’ right where it matters most: where the metal building meets the ground.

From manufacturing facilities to commercial warehouses, steel-built structures are an outstanding option. They provide longer spans of support-less interior space, and they’re very energy efficient.

And now, thanks to the protective qualities of GenStone faux stone and faux brick siding materials, steel buildings can be equipped to be even better protected against the ever-present rust factor.

Custom Colors for Custom Steel Buildings

Recently, GenStone announced a new feature: custom faux stone or faux brick colors! Now, you can get the same high-quality, waterproof faux stone siding GenStone is known for producing, but in your choice of color.

This is a gamechanger for the steel building industry, as it allows property owners to truly customize the total look-and-feel of their steel buildings.

So, not only do they get a professional-looking exterior that resembles real stone or brick; they also get enhanced protection from the biggest ongoing vulnerability for steel buildings: rust!

Image showing some of GenStone's monochromatic custom color options.

Not Just for Exteriors

GenStone materials work great as both a building protectant and a design feature. For many steel building projects, the faux stone or faux brick theme is extended to the interior of the building, as well.

This kind of flexibility makes GenStone products a ‘go-to’ solution for steel building contractors. With GenStone in their arsenal, contractors are able to offer more value in their overall service offering.

And, considering how extensive the Capital Steel Industries contractor network is, we’re particularly fond of the incredible benefits that GenStone siding material has for our contractor partners.

This image shows GenStone faux stone being used on interior office walls.

How to Buy GenStone

If you’re not familiar with GenStone, there are two ways you can go about learning more and placing an order:

  1. Head to your local hardware store. There’s a good chance you’ll find GenStone material there.
  2. Order directly from www.GenStoneDirect.com.

The GenStone name has become synonymous with quality, durability, and cost effectiveness. We also love the fact that the GenStone support team is always willing to help with questions about installation, product selection, and project planning how-tos.

For more information on GenStone, check out their website.

When it comes to protecting a steel building from rust, you really can’t have too many defenses. By using GenStone, you’ll be adding another layer of protection you can rely on for decades.