Chicago's Southeast Industrial Development and Why Is It Important

Chicago industrial zones have a storied and important past

The story of Chicago’s southeast side is one of steel.

There was a time when the region produced arguably one of the largest quantities of steel on the planet. Thanks to the presence of relevant natural features that were good for business, steel mills were drawn to the region after the civil war. Of course, the land was cheap and abundant, making it ideal for use as disposal and bulk storage land for factories.

With an abundance of freshwater, the manufacturing and transportation industries could thrive. The Southside was linked to other parts of the country via railroads. Labor supply was abundant and more workers were able to find space for housing. And, there was a good distance between the region and the rest of Chicago, ensuring that the civil impact of heavy industries would be minimized.

Yet, it was close enough to tap into the Chicago metropolitan markets.

The Industrial Decline in Chicago’s Southeast Side

Ever since the steel industry started its decline, Chicago’s Southeast side has also been affected by a deterioration in its employment base and an increase in the unemployment rate.

Also, as far back as we have records, the Southeast side of Chicago has also served as a dumpsite for industrial waste. In recent times, it seems like Chicago’s Southeast side’s future is still being weighed in the balance.

Can industry help to develop an area still abundant in resources that once attracted developers many years back?

chicago southeast industrial development 2

Can industrial redevelopment take place and get the economy of the area back on its feet?

If and when such development occurs, how environmentally friendly will it be?

The Calumet region’s future still seems uncertain. There still are available, but vacant steel facilities and industrial properties, and the story of the Southeast side continues to evolve through different themes.

Its economic potential, cultural and natural diversity, and renewed interest in the region, fused with a more enlightened perspective of the area, all act to present an opportunity for a better future for Chicago’s Southeast side.

The Southeast side of Chicago has a different kind of diversity that’s worth preserving and celebrating. At first, European immigrants settled here when they arrived in the area as steel mill workers. The 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition had a role to play as well.

The Southeast side is also home to a large population of African Americans and has a significant Caribbean population as part of its residents.

Developers in Chicago, Illinois are now taking bold steps to turn its underutilized historic buildings, obsolete industrial spaces, and brownfield sites into megadevelopments.

Industrial redevelopment in the region will require a lot from the construction industry, which still depends on structural steel as one of its linchpin materials. Structural steel remains a top choice for key players in the construction sector (architects, designers, engineers, and fabricators).

Steel possesses immense strength, which is the reason why steel buildings in Illinois remain popular. Also, structural steel is flexible, ductile, tensile, and cost-effective, making it ideal for use in creating high-rise buildings, residential buildings, bridges, industrial sheds, parking garages, etc.

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