Why Airports In Wyoming Are Using Steel For Hangars

Building airport hangars in Wyoming presents unique challenges


Special-use buildings like airport hangars already have stringent requirements for interior spans, high ceilings, and rock-solid durability. However, what happens when you add in the requirement for these same buildings to also be highly wind-resistant?

Wind speeds in Wyoming can easily break the 100 mile-per-hour mark. Considering this, building airport hangars in Wyoming could be considered one of the most challenging types of industrial facility construction jobs. While the building itself needs to meet the demanding needs of the airport operators, it also has to hold up exceptionally well when the gale-force Wyoming winds pick up. Considering this, it’s no surprise that Capital Steel Industries is noticing a marked trend towards steel construction for this specific purpose.

Steel is the superlative choice for airport hangars in Wyoming. Are you noticing this trend in your area?

We continue to see aviators secure their flying investments by choosing steel aircraft hangars. Could it be because steel hangars guarantee the strongest shelters for airplanes, as well as helicopters and gliders?

Wyoming has over 40 public-use airports. If you are into aeronautics, you know that an aircraft is no small investment. Thousands of dollars are spent to build even the smallest of aircraft. Factor in the amount of energy, labor, and time involved in the maintenance process and the numbers are off the charts.

This is why airports need suitable space for storing, protecting, and working on their investments for as long as possible. Below are some of the top reasons airports in WY prefer steel hangars for their airplanes.

Capital Steel Personal Aircraft Hangar

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