Why Airports In Wyoming Are Using Steel For Hangars

Building airport hangars in Wyoming presents unique challenges

We continue to see aviators secure their flying investments by choosing steel aircraft hangars. Could it be because steel hangars guarantee the strongest shelters for airplanes, as well as helicopters and gliders?

Wyoming has over 40 public-use airports. If you are into aeronautics, you know that an aircraft is no small investment. Thousands of dollars are spent to build even the smallest of aircraft. Factor in the amount of energy, labor, and time involved in the maintenance process and the numbers are off the charts.

This is why airports need suitable space for storing, protecting, and working on their investments for as long as possible. Below are some of the top reasons airports in WY prefer steel hangars for their airplanes.

This is an image of hangar built from Capital Steel metal aircraft hangar kits. It shows an airplane and has a variety of other vehicles inside.

4. Durability

For airports in Wyoming, the focus should be on the aircraft and not the buildings that house them. When it comes to durability, not many buildings match the prowess of Wyoming steel buildings. Airports know that purchasing high-quality steel hangars reduces the need for regular maintenance. They’ll have buildings that can last for decades. Most of the components used in the construction of steel hangars do not need any maintenance for as long as they remain in use.

All airports need to do is work with a qualified CSI contractor to get the additional components necessary to increase the durability of the building as much as possible. Airports can, therefore, go with door models designed to deal with the level of wind speeds Wyoming is notorious for producing, and they can opt for metal roofing designed to shed water. When airports go with well-sealed buildings that are built to plan, they end up with hangars that can last almost lifetime.

5. Better protection for airplanes

One of the biggest concerns for Wyoming airports is keeping airplanes secure while on the ground. Metal buildings have a reputation for meeting and exceeding local building codes. They are designed to withstand a plethora of environmental challenges. Steel hangars are usually built to withstand heavy snow and ice, seismic activity, very hot climatic conditions, and high winds.

Winds tearing through the area at very high speeds can cause severe damage to exposed aircraft. Such winds could lead to twists in the bodies of airplanes. But, unlike the sad case that once happened at the Kansas City Downtown Airport in 1991, steel hangars ensure that planes do not suffer a scratch during environmental turbulence. Investing in relatively less expensive but stronger steel hangars ensures better protection for airports.

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This is an image of a Capital Steel airport hangar with an airplane inside.