Tennesseeans love their pets. Whether they’re dogs, cats, ferrets, or even goats, it’s clear that the residents of Tennessee have a huge heart for the animals in their lives. 

This pervasive interest has sprouted a cottage industry of large, high-volume dog and cat boarding facilities. In Tennessee, animal shelters, along with boarding and grooming centers, have experienced a surge in the past decade or so. This has been driven by increased demand for more varied, healthier, and more available dogs and cats. 

To meet this need, dog kennels and other pet-related organizations are turning to steel as the construction material of choice for their places of operation. And, when you realize the many benefits that steel has over traditional, wood-framed construction, you begin to see why steel is fast becoming the go-to framing material for new dog kennels and grooming centers in Tennessee. 

Steel dog kennel buildings are versatile enough for many uses. This image shows a custom metal entrance to a dog park.


Many kennels make use of unique floor plans that hardly resemble the inside of any other typical building. There’s typically a front office section, boarding or feeding stalls, a recreational area (often complete with a pool!), grooming rooms, medical stations, and more.

Because of how a commercial kennel needs to ‘flow’ in operation, it calls for a very versatile building design. Steel fits the bill perfectly, as a well-designed steel building can provide as much as 200 feet of uninterrupted, column-free interior space. This opens up a world of design possibilities, whereas a building with a traditional wood frame would almost certainly come with numerous design restrictions.

Steel is unmatched in its versatility, but this is only one reason why kennels and grooming businesses in Tennessee are opting for steel.


Kennel owners and dog boarding business owners already have a lot on their plate when it comes to operating expenses. There’s labor, lease payments, utilities…it all adds up!

Moreover, due to the nature of the services they provide, pet care businesses often need to carry higher amounts of insurance coverage to help protect from liabilities.

So, for a dog or cat boarding or grooming business, every penny counts.

Because a steel building is more resilient than a wood-framed one, it costs less to insure. This translates into a lower total cost of doing business for kennel owners in Tennessee.

dog grooming facilites


As you can probably imagine, dog kennels get messy. Very messy. And, there are untold amounts of pet hair and dander constantly being cycled through the building’s HVAC system.

For these reasons, it helps to have a building that is as easy to clean and maintain as possible. Steel buildings rank among the highest in ease-of-ownership and operational efficiency. This is a hand-in-glove fit for dog kennels in Tennessee!


A steel building in Tennessee is ideal for business owners and investors that want to be able to bring their services to the market as soon as possible. Dog kennels, in particular, need a sizable amount of square footage in order to accommodate higher numbers of boarded animals.


Another important steel building feature that is perfect for kennels and grooming centers in Tennessee is access to the numerous customizations that are available.

These include things like oversized windows, roll-up doors, and exterior options like stucco or faux stone. There’s no limit to the creativity that can be integrated into a smart steel building designed for the purpose of serving as a dog kennel.

Tennessee-based kennels and pet centers have clearly learned that steel is the ‘real deal’ when it comes to building a new facility. Their success in using steel-framed buildings to run their businesses serves as a great example for how other, similarly modeled businesses can excel in other states.