Why Cities in Arizona Are Turning to Steel Buildings for Indoor Dog Parks


With as cost-effective and easy-to-build as steel buildings have become, it’s no wonder dog parks are being brought indoors in warmer parts of the country.

We’re noticing an evolving trend of dog parks making this transition as the mercury rises more each year. Say what you will about the severity or reality of climate change…Fido and his friends need a safe, cool place to run around in the hot summers, and steel buildings fit the bill.

Why Steel Is the Framing Material of Choice

Indoor dog parks in Arizona need to be big. And, they need to have plenty of column-free interior spans that allow for dogs to run around and chase each other without obstructions. For these reasons, a steel-framed building is much more suitable.

When properly engineered, a steel building can be built with support-free interior spans as long as 300’ in length. This gives property owners a lot more flexibility in how they design the floor plan, and the users of the indoor dog park have a lot more breathing (and barking!) room.

Another outstanding advantage of steel over wood framing is the shortened construction timeline. Compared with traditional buildings, a steel-framed indoor dog park is likely to be built as much as 40% faster. This allows the property owner to grant access to customers sooner, and the return on the building investment can be recouped faster, as well.

This image is of a Capital Steel metal building framing. The picture really makes it clear why steel is the most resilient to natural forces.

‘Spot’ Light on Energy Efficiency

Another little-known fact about industrial-grade steel buildings is their uncanny ability to be effectively climate controlled using minimal resources.

For indoor dog parks, this is key. When the heat is on in Arizona and dogs need a cool place to frolic, a steel building is going to do a much better job at circulating cool air provided by the building’s HVAC system.

But why is this? Aren’t wood-framed buildings also equally capable of being cooled down in hotter parts of the country? Not necessarily.

Because of the modular nature of steel framing, HVAC equipment like air chillers, condensers, and blowers can be installed in more optimal locations. And, without all of the structural supports that a wood-framed building would need, the air is circulated more evenly. This reduces the cost of ownership for the property owner while maintaining an ideal indoor environment for patrons of the indoor dog park.

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