20 x 24 Metal Building

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Our 20x24 building system delivers 480 square feet of uninterrupted space. This building can be modified to accommodate your intended use by adding a combination of windows, doors, siding, skylights and more. The customization possibilities make a 20x24 building package a great choice if you're looking to open an auto repair shop, build a personal garage, need storage space or even build an modest office space.

Building FAQs

What's included in a metal building kit?
Our base building package comes delivered to your site with the primary and secondary framing, roof sheeting, wall panels, fasteners, bracing, sealants, trim and flashing.
How can I customize my building?
We have a menu featuring hundreds of accessories such as walk doors, sectional and roll up doors, gutters and downspouts, windows and even skylights to improve the functionality of your building.
How can I personalize my building?
You can choose to add any combination of colors to the roof, walls and trim. The select will be baked onto the building components prior to delivery. You may also add the look of stucco or stone to your building with optional panels.
How are building prices determined?
The price of your standard building package will be based on the current price of steel, the intended use and the codes and loads required by your locale.
How does my location affect my building price?
If you plan to build in Florida, your building will be designed to withstand higher wind loads than a building delivered to Utah where it may be engineered to endure snow loads. Each condition will require a unique amount of steel.
How does the intended use influence the cost?
A building intended to be used as a garage will most likely require sectional doors, possibly a man door and maybe windows. On the other hand, if you are planning to build an aircraft hangar, a bi-fold door would be necessary. Each component has its own added cost.
What if I need a contractor?
Capital Steel is a one stop shop for all of your building needs! Our builder network is made up of hundreds of contractors who along with the price of your building can estimate how much your concrete, building erection and even turnkey services will cost.
Does Capital Steel sell pole barns?
No, a pole barn is comprised of wood framing and components. Capital Steel buildings are 100% steel and feature all bolt together construction. More specifically, CSI buildings are pre welded and pre punched at the factory saving you value construction time and money.


40 x 60

40 x 60

Our 40x60 is a great choice if you're looking to build a barn, garage, auto shop or workshop. It delivers three column free bays offering uninterrupted space and numerous customization possibilities.
40 x 60 Details
50 x 100

50 x 100

This 5,000 square foot building is one of our most versatile spaces. The 50x100 building system is sought-after for not only industrial use but also large auto repair businesses and even church fellowship halls and sanctuaries.
50 x 100 Details
100 x 100

100 x 100

The 100x100 building system features no interior columns making it not only perfect for warehousing and fulfillment operations but also a riding arena or gymnasium. It can be designed with four or five bays depending on your preference.
100 x 100 Details

Capital Steel Quality

Engineering, Aesthetics and Delivery

Capital Steel buildings are engineered with your local codes and loads in mind. More specifically, a metal building system designed for Alabama will be uniquely evaluated and designed to endure wind speeds, snow loads and seismic activity.

Capital Steel Warranties


  • 50 Year Structural
  • 40 Year Paint
  • 25 Year Galvalume Roof
  • 20 Year Standing Seam Roof
Capital Steel Building Systems


  • All I-Beam Construction
  • Submerged Arc Welded Framing
  • Pre Punched Components
  • 26 Gauge Sheeting
Metal Building Color Schemes


  • Roof
  • Wall
  • Trim
  • Most Components

Made to Order

Customize Your Building System

You can personalize the aesthetics and improve the functionality of your building by adding components like windows for ventilation, wall liner panels to increase durability and patron as well as vehicle access doors.

Digital Brochures

Discover the Details of Capital Steel Quality

When you buy a building from your local Capital Steel building dealer, you can rest assured that the quality of connections, materials and service will be representative of the Capital Steel brand.

Download Brochure

20 x 24 BROCHURE

Learn more about our building systems including color choices, common upgrades and the warranties that accompany the meta building kit you purchase.

Download Standard Features


From the primary and secondary framing to fasteners and sealants, discover what sets a Capital Steel building system apart from the competition including economy buildings.


Why Go Local with Capital Steel?

Attention to the Details of Your Unique Project

There are hundreds of steel building companies, but Capital Steel is the largest national supplier with a true local presence throughout the United States. Rather than purchasing your building from a unknown salesman in an office far from your job site, with CSI you will work with a dealer local to your market who knows the ins and outs of your local municipality and community, both of which can derail a project if not properly navigated.

Request a Quote and Get Connected

To get started, simply complete one of the quote request forms and as the estimators at Capital Steel corporate design and prepare a detailed quote, the CSI team will also connect you with the right local CSI contractor for your project. If you do not need a contractor for your project, no problem, we will still facilitate your purchase through our local presence so that you have a Capital Steel resource minutes away if you ever need a hand.


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